What are our patients saying?

Naryan is 11 years old with multiple disabilities including ASD. He was born weighing 1 lb and 4 oz with severe medical issues related to his extreme prematurity. Unfortunately the statistics presented to us at the time of his birth did not look favorable in the long term. At 3 years of age he mostly babbled and had a repertoire of few words which were poorly articulated. In addition to his oral motor difficulties, Naryan was diagnosed with a submucous cleft, which also impacted on his intelligibility. We started intensive therapies and we looked for therapists that shared our positive attitude and goals for our son. We were fortunate to find STARS, a group that is knowledgeable in all aspects of speech and language pathology. Naryan had an opportunity to work with many of the therapists at STARS and our experience has only been a positive one. The therapists are dedicated, caring and have contributed a great deal to his speech. On June 13th 2009 Naryan had his first vocal recital. Many of his therapists shared this miraculous day with us. He sang beautifully utilizing the skills taught to him over the years. I am grateful to STARS for their positive attitude, knowledge in their field and their constant quest for improvement in our son’s life. A little boy who could not speak is on his way to become an inspirational singer – this is a dream come true.

In 2001 our 2 1/2 year old daughter, Amanda, was diagnosed with PDD. Amanda was only able to say a few words and had a very difficult time with social situations. To say the least we were devastated and overwhelmed. Once we started to understand what we would need to do to help Amanda, we started to seek help from professionals.

We were referred to STARS right after Amanda’s diagnosis. We immediately felt welcomed. We were also confident that STARS would be able to help Amanda. Not only was Amanda helped with speech and social skills, we were given tools to guide our daughter on a daily basis. STARS worked with Amanda with kindness and care and continue to be a constant support for our family. The knowledge and compassion shown us is invaluable.

Amanda has been attending STARS for 8 years now. She has grown in ways we never could have imagined. Her language skills have improved greatly. She has become much more comfortable in social situations. This year she played soccer, sang in our church choir and is attending summer camp. Everyday is a new learning experience for her. We continue to attend weekly speech therapy. Amanda is always happy to see her therapist and we are so grateful for all that has been taught to us.

We know that with the guidance and strength we have received at STARS, the sky is the limit for our very special girl!